Anomalous - Cognitive Dissonance (EP) 2007

24. února 2008 v 12:07 | music |  Anomalous

Label: Brutal Bands
Genre: Technical Death Metal/Progressive/Deathcore
Country: USA
  1. Cognitive Dissonance
  2. Metastatize
  3. Merged
  4. Subliminal Servitude
  5. Revelations
This band basically sounds like Ion Dissonance on steroids with better production. 100% brutal technicality with plenty of other genre influences mixed in including deathcore elements that almost sneak their way into the songs. The guitarists and drumming are nothing short of amazing. The vocalist has some of the most unique and brutal vocals you'll ever hear. The bassist manages find his way through all of the madness and change the progression of the song from time to time, and creates a dark vibe in a few of the clean parts of the songs. The effects they use add an evil, almost trippy vibe to their music. All in all, this band is great technical metal for fans of Necrophagist and Ion Dissonance alike.

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