Dance Club Massacre - Feast of The Blood Monsters 2007

29. února 2008 v 20:00 | music |  Dance Club Massacre

Dance Club Massacre
Album: Feast of The Blood Monsters
Genre: Metal/Grindcore/Experimental
Country: USA

1. ¡Dios Mio! El Diablo Es Muy Pican
2. Meet Me In The Pub For A Shot Of Dignity
3. Devon Butler's Dying Wishes
4. You Know... You Kind Of Look Cute In The Dark
5. Don't Mourne For Me... Oragnize!
6. Wet Between The Thighs
7. Murders Come With Smiles
8. The Duchess And The Cougar
9. Showdown In San Antonio
10. You Bring The Bitches, I'll Bring The Dynamite
11. You're What The French Call "Les Incompetents


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